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Choosing a destination for your hen party or hen weekends is one of the crucial factors to planning a great hen night. Whether you decide to stay at home or go abroad the following are some of the most popular getaway options for your celebration.

City breaks are popular and few cities are more popular than Dublin for hen parties. Ireland’s capital city has long be the destination for hen and stag parties from the UK and Europe. The bars and clubs are great and the city is lively and buzzing with activity. There are many affordable hotel accommodation options in the city centre for your group. The city is compact and has a huge amount to offer and lots of restaurants and shops to enjoy as well as the great nightlife.

Blackpool is the most popular destination for hen parties in the UK. There’s lot to keep the hen party entertained in Blackpool including roller coaster rides and other fun fair activities. If the weather is good get to the beach to show of your new bikinis and of course there is a vast amount of bars that cater for hen nights. There shouldn’t be a problem finding accommodation to suit any budget for your Blackpool hen nights.

Maybe you’d prefer a Newcastle hen party? Newcastle is fast becoming one of Britain’s most popular party destinations. Hen parties are welcome in many venues and there is a wide selection of clubs, bars and restaurants as well as all the daytime activities you’d expect of the area. Well worth considering for your occasion.

Edinburgh is top of the list for hens and the city is famed for it’s nightlife and festivals. There is endless choice for hens visiting Edinburgh including comedy clubs, theatre and an endless amount of great nightclubs. The city is stunning and no doubt you’ll want to return in the near future.

London, Brighton, Cardiff and Leeds are other popular UK hen party destinations. All offer great nightlife and don’t forget to take advantage of your hotel and use the pool, gym and customer discounts for health spa treatments.

Other popular European short city breaks include Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels. Each has their own special ambiance and something different to offer.

Wherever your destination for your hen weekend, have fun, play lots of hen party games and take lots of pictures!

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Hen party Themes

Dress For Hen Party Do

Dressing up for your hen night will add that extra element of fun to the festivities and help make the occasion unforgettable. Pubs and clubs in particular are the perfect setting for outrageous and saucy outfits so be creative with your hen night theme for that last wild night of freedom!

One of the benefits of choosing a theme is that it makes it easier for all the hens when deciding what to wear. For example, if you agree the theme is Angels and Devils, have half of the hens dress as Angels, half as the Devils.
classy hen party theme toga
These outfits can include a white or red dress (short and tight as you like!), red horns or a halo, whip or a wand. Draw straws for who gets to wear what for extra fun.

Another idea is to choose and era as the basis for a hen dress-up theme. How about a racy ‘classical look’, or go extreme Eighties with ankle warmers (you do remember them, don’t you?), big hair, glossy make-up and flowing scarves.

You can also impersonate famous people or bands as part of your hen party games. Circulate a photo of a celebrity and require everyone to dress like her for the night. Or pick a favourite girl band and have each hen impersonate a band member. Spice Girls is still a favourite for this one!

Classic dress up options for hen parties includes the ‘Naughty Nurse’, ‘Saucy French Maid’, ‘The Playboy Look’ and many more. The choice is endless and don’t forget the sashes and ball-n-chain for the bride to be!

Have fun!

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