September 21, 2017

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Funny Hen Party Game

Hysterical Hen Party Game – See Video Below

Hen party games can really get your party going. One popular game is the toilet roll relay.

Your companion holds a toilet roll between her legs and you hold a plunger between your legs and try to get the roll onto it. You can’t use your hands of course, and it’s not as easy as it sounds! When you have the roll on your plunger your companion runs back to the start and the relay begins again.

To see exactly how to play this game, just watch the following hilarious video. This is a so funny you’ll watch it more than once, even if it’s just for the cackles from the commentators. Check out the ‘hip moves’ on some of these ladies who have obviously done something like this before!

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Hysterical Hen Party Game Video

Probably best played with a few drinks on board but make sure you don’t break anything if you fall like the lady at the start of the video!