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6 Classy Hen Party Tips

Sam - Hen Party IdeasIf you think the typical hen party complete with cowgirl costumes and L-plates is not for you and your friends, then you probably will benefit from a few ideas for a classy hen party instead.

There are many ways to host a classy hen night and they certainly do not include visiting a noisy nightclub, hiring strippers or downing shots of tequila! Check out the following 6 tips for Classy Hen Party Ideas:

  1. Afternoon tea or visit a trendy café
    Get all the girls together and enjoy each others company while treating yourself to afternoon tea or coffee in relaxed surroundings. Don’t deny yourself an extra slice of cake or scone.
  2. Theatre
    Classy and high culture go hand in hand. Head to the theatre with your friends and soak up the ambiance and enjoy the experience of a good play and intelligent conversation afterwards.
  3. Wine Tasting
    This indulgence is also a hit for home hen parties. Each hen brings her favourite wine and you can taste and make comparisons. Fun, classy and educational, why not add a broad selection of cheese for extra enjoyment?
  4. Dinner at a Top Restaurant
    Make sure you book a table well in advance, enjoy the delicious food and wine, tasteful surroundings and good conversation.
  5. Spa
    This is popular and for good reason. Who does not enjoy being pampered from head to toe? Visit a good day spa and indulge in massages, jacuzzi, mud baths and more.
  6. Beauty parlour
    Perfect for after the visit to the spa, follow it with a visit to a beauty parlour and enjoy girlie gossip, get make-up tips and look great for a night out.

I hope these Classy hen party ideas give you some ideas for your own hen party. You’ll find a hen party planner on this website that will also help you prepare for the occasion.






Hen Party Themes and Ideas

Sam - Hen Party IdeasComing up with a good hen party theme is as important as choosing the correct venue and inviting the right people. A party theme helps to pull the whole event together so whatever you do, don’t leave it out as without it your hen party could be a boring flop!

When deciding on a theme remember to consider the bride-to-bes preference and ideas of fun. Some classic hen party themes include dressing as nurses, policewomen, cowgirls, nuns and saucy devils.

Here are some other great ideas to help make your hen night one to remember:

  • Get some cool hen party gifts for the night.
  • Play hen party games like ‘Truth or Dare’, ‘Mr.&.Mrs quiz’, etc.
  • If partying from home hire a stripper, have a make-over evening before hitting the local club.
  • Visiting an exclusive club, get there in style by hiring a limousine (not as expensive as you may think!).
  • Why should the boys have all the fun? Try paintball or quad-biking for something out of the ordinary.
  • Think luxery and pampering. Visit a spa, enjoy a sauna or Jacuzzi after a swim in a heated pool, then have a relaxing professional massage, manicure, and pedicure.

So remember, pick a great theme, some fun activities and make your hen night one to remember for a lifetime!

Tell Us About Your Hen Party

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