September 22, 2017

3 Fun Hen Party Games

Sam - Hen Party IdeasHen party celebrations is all about getting the atmosphere just right, so what better way to create a buzz than with some great drinking games and risque dares?

Naughty Treasure Hunt

Lets kick things off with a naughty little treasure hunt. Take a minute or two to list a number of items to gather (be creative as possible!). Some ideas for items are warm men’s underwear, something phallic shaped (bigger the better) and of course a kiss from a fine looking bloke (has to be in front of the other girls!) Go hunting together or split up into teams.

Pass The Balloon

One of the most popular hen party games is ‘Pass The Balloon’. You need to find some lads to play with and make two teams and line up as boy girl, boy girl. Blow up your long shapped balloons and start passing them from one person to the next down along the line. No hands thought, the balloons must be gripped with your knees.

Kiss The Donkey

Time for a Hen party game called ‘Kiss The Donkey’. It’s a simple game to play but has a wicked twist in its tail. Sit players in a circle and arrange as girl boy, girl boy all the way around. The first player holds up a beer bottle and kisses it in a particular place (for example, the bottle neck). They then announce to the other players, “I kissed the donkey on it’s neck”. They then pass the bottle to their right. Each player repeats the process, but must kiss the donkey in a unique place. The game then starts again, but this time the bottle is passed to the left.

This is the good bit, the twist that surprises everyone is when you announce to the players to kiss the player to their right where they kissed the bottle and again for the person on their left. What usually happens is the player on the right gets a kiss in an acceptable place, and the person on the left is kissed on a more imaginative part of their body! LOL!

More Hen Party Stuff

Check out the other pages on hen party ideas for more imaginative games and some ‘must have’ hen party gifts. Remember to really make the most of ‘your last night of freedom :)’ with your mates and make your hen night one to remember forever!

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