September 22, 2017

Budget Hen Parties for Students

Budget Hen Party Ideas

If you are getting married while still a student there are two main factors you’ll have to bear in mind when considering hen party ideas.

Hen Party Costs

Students are notoriously short of cash, this may be the case for the hen and probably for the majority of guests (most will be students no doubt).

Schedule Your Hen Party

This won’t be too difficult to get right if you plan well in advance. Most students start and finish the college around the same time. They also have holidays at the same time of the college calendar year so planning a hen weekend away should be a breeze. Just remember to give plenty of warning as most students live an active social life and may have plenty of offers, so make sure you get them well in advance before they make a comment to attend another party!

What To Do On Your Hen Night?

Because of budget constraints a foreign hen party holiday is probably out of the question. So too is expensive restaurants and activities. In this case it’s best to keep it intimate so here’s some suggestions.

  1. Rent a holiday cottage in a small town or village in the country. Splitting the costs of the rental between all the hens will mean the cost to individual is cheap.
  2. Tell all your guests to bring their favourite beauty treatment, enough to share, for the make over of the century! Everyone takes turns at makeovers.
  3. Tell all your guests to bring ingredients for their favourite cocktails, again, with enough to share. You can also pick-up a couple bottles of inexpensive wine from a supermarket to bring with you.
  4. Bring a stereo and lots of girly music to get the party rolling. Classics like “I Will Survive” and “It’s Raining Men” are obligatory!
  5. Get the phone numbers of a couple of take-away restaurants in the area (in advance) and order out. Lots of delicious food without the hassle!

That’s it! You have the makings of a perfect girly night in without huge expense for anyone. Enjoy the student hen party of the year!

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