September 22, 2017

It’s hardly surprising that girls are trying to do their hen party on a budget. Besides the current economic situation, the cost even a basic wedding is astronomical, and when you include travelling, gifts and dressing up for the occasion it makes sense to resist the urge to spend a fortune on the hen night.

Don’t fret though, just because you are spending less, doesn’t mean you’ll have to have less fun. With a few helpful tips and a bit of know-how, you’ll have a ball for your hen night without spending a small fortune. Here’s a few popular ideas for a hens do:

Mr and Mrs. Game:

Talk about cost saving hen party games, this has got to be top of the list because it’s free, it’s personal and it’s time consuming and fun. You’ll hear some of the raciest and strangest secrets during this game, and it’ll have the bride-to-be and the rest of the group in stitches laughing.

It does take a little preparation so here’s what to do. Video the groom answering a bunch of questions (if videoing is out of the question get him to email his answers). The questions will be provided by the bride-to-be’s hens, they can ask pretty much anything they want. The purpose of the game is find out just how well the groom knows the bride…okay, the real purpose of the game is to find out embarrassing and intimate details of the happy couples relationship, just being honest here!

So don’t be shy and ask questions about bedroom habits as well as sizes, and saucy secrets. To play the game just get the bride to answer a question and compare it to what the groom has to say. If she gets the answer wrong, she must do a forfeit, if she gets it right, she must get a reward.

Tip, hen party forfeits and rewards are often the same! 🙂 Get more hen game ideas.

Hen Gifts:

What to get the hen who has everything? How about edible underwear? Or a saucy cat suit for the honeymoon. Or as a keepsake, get a large personalised picture frame and fill it with photo memories from the past. You can also do this for the hen party itself, makes a great hens present full of happy moments. If you prefer, all the hens can chip in and buy a single present or everyone can get a gift each. Either way, try to personalise it as it will carry greater sentiment for the bride-to-be.

Hen Decorations

With a few inexpensive decorations and accessories you can turn your home into a hen night wonderland. This can be as expensive as you want it to be, so think before spending. Start off with some bachelorette balloons which are really inexpensive and easy to order online. Then print off pictures of hunky men and stick lots of them around the room to set the tone. Use a home printer as going to a photocopying service is going to be costly, and possibly embarrassing. Get some mood lighting going with tea lights dotted around the room. These are cheap, look great and will create a nice effect.

Now scatter candy and treats around the table top that will look and taste sweet. Don’t forget the hen do balloons and ribbons, party poppers, flashing hen sashes, and themed ‘toys’ to give it the right feel for the party. Check out our hen party decorations.

DIY Hen Do Activities:

All that really matters is that you and your hens have a ball. You could hire an entertainment for the evening with the money you saved from having the party at home. A popular treat that will get the girls in the party mood is to have a couple of hunky (and naked) butlers to serve up some of what you like (cocktails) for the evening. This will get a smile on every ones lips and set the mood for the night!

Also, this might sound a bit naff but if you plan your own activities you’ll safe a fortune. You could do wheelbarrow races, 3-legged races, egg and spoon races, followed up by hen pampering. Hens can ware their most comfortable PJ’s and give each other make-overs, massages, manicures, the works. The hen party make-over is pretty popular these days. These activities are free and fun, and can take up a whole day.

Do Your Own Catering:

Another bargain buster game. Cheaper than eating out, why not make your own meals? You can lighten the load by getting every guest to bring a certain dish from the menu with them. Find out who is a good baker and get them to make cakes personalised with the brides name and brightly decorated with tasty toppings that may or may not look like certain body parts…

Short of actually hosting the hen party for you, we’ve giving you all the details about how to make you budget hen night a ball from start to finish. For ideas and hen party gifts look around the rest of this website.

The Party Theme:

This will help get the girls laughing and in the party mood. Choose a silly dress-up theme that everyone has to wear. This is a great ice-breaker for the guests who don’t know each other very well. Choose playboy bunny, cowgirls, angels and devils, police women, hookers, army and so on.

Dares And Forfeits:

Lets just say you can get a nice inflatable man in for the evening and play hen party games that include dares and forfeits. I’ll let you use your imagination for this one!

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