September 22, 2017

Product Description
Hen Party is a non-fiction color picture book about parties for women only. It reviews a brief history of American women in the 20th century, including the history of Debutante Balls, Women’s Suffrage, heroines of WWII, and more. Hen Party connects the dots with the use of media images of women in advertising and television. The book gives valuable suggestions about why women should still gather today for social reasons, such as welcoming new neighbors to the neighborhood, and using your good china for reasons other than holiday dinners. The author cleverly includes a ‘How-To Host a Hen Party’ guide. Everything from invitations, themes and menu ideas, to hostess and guest rules are covered. There are some final thoughts on how women, both career and stay-at-home, need the connection and company of other women. It is a fun, easy read loaded with great pictures of women gathered for quilting, horseback riding, singing together and lots more.

Hen Party: An uncomplicated guide to entertaining other women.

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