September 22, 2017

Hen Party Games

Free hen night party games are a great way to make sure the laughs keep coming during the entire hen party. Many of these free hen party games can be played while your out on the town so enjoy girls!

Mr. And Mrs – For a funny mr and mrs hen party game, ring the Groom and ask him to answer 20 questions about him and his bride to be. For example:
* Where did they first kiss?
* Does he prefer silk or lace underwear (on her!)
* Where did they first ‘do it’?
* You get the idea… 😉

discoDraw straws for:
* Who has to Sing Karaoke alone
* Who has to do a raunchy dance on the floor alone – do this at a disco bar or nightclub before the dance floor is full!
* Who has to collect 3 mens un-used condom – embarrassing!

Truth Or Dare – this is an all time classic, use your imagination!

Pass the parcel with naughty presents inside – Whoever unwraps the present has to wear/use the item in front of the group – great fun!

Pin the willie on the man – like pin the tail on the donkey but … em… different. Don’t forget the blindfold and be careful where you stick that pin if you have had a few drinks!

Twister – Get the ‘Twister’ board game out after a few drinks – play ‘underwear twister’ for extra laughs!

Hen Night Fancy Dress Theme – everyone has to dress up as a nurse, cowgirl or French maid – be creative!

Burst The Johnnie – fastest one to blow up a condom until it bursts wins and gets to dare the slowest to do something.

Not everyone will be willing or able to keep up – for those people here are some forfeits:

* Remove your bra without taking your top off
* Perform a lap dance for the bride to be
* Kiss the next person who walks through the door
* Ask 3 men if you can feel their biceps

funny mr and mrs hen party game

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