September 22, 2017

How to Plan a Classy Hen Party

The stereotypical hen night conjures images of noisy, wild, scantly clad women let loose on the town in a no holds-barred drinking binge.

If that does NOT appeal to you as a good night out then the following ideas will help you plan a classy hen night that is every bit as much fun.

So read on and find out how the class ladies get their kicks with a stylish hen party do.

Health Spa

health spaWhy not start the day with a pampering at a health spa? Go for the full works including sauna, massage, facial treatment, exfoliation and heated pool. Follow that with a relaxed lunch with your hens for good conversation and recounting fun times you’ve had together.

shopRetail & Coffee

Follow lunch with a little retail therapy; tour the local boutiques and high street shops for some compulsive buying. Stop for coffee along the way and just take your time to enjoy the day and each others company.

Cheese & Wine

A popular classy hen night option is to have a Cheese & Wine evening with close female friends. Choose a wide selection of cheeses from strong to mild tasting and from different countries. You’ll be surprised at the variety of cheeses available at local supermarkets, but if possible also try gourmet cheese shops and delicatessens for something extra special.

Again, do the same with your wine selection and test your guests on the type, vintage and ingredients of the wine. Can they hazard a guess at what country or region the wine is from? What fruits or spices can they identify?

Ask the hens to bring photos from favourite times together and laugh about old times.

Evening Entertainment

Head to a jazz bar or other live music venue for drinks, entertainment and more chat. You can decide to head home or go to a dance club to finish the perfect classy hen night.

Here Are Some More Classy Hen Party Ideas Which Are becoming More Popular

So, have I convinced you that classy hen party ideas are more interesting than the usual options most hens go for? Did you know trends are revealing that women are tying the knot later in life and the preference for a classy hen party are on the increase?

Maybe because many brides are that bit more mature they are looking for an easy going occasion where they have time to really catch up with their family and friends. As a result, the hen party organisers are starting to think outside the box and are trying to become more creative with their hen party ideas. Classy hen night ideas are probably more fun than the usual ‘knees-up’ and ‘hangover’ events. Below are a few more ideas to get you started:

  1. Pamper Day (hair, nails, health spa and treatments)
  2. Pony Trekking for beginners to advanced
  3. Gourmet Dinner with selection of fine cheese and wines
  4. High Tea followed with an afternoon at the spa
  5. Yacht Hire
  6. Wine tasting tour
  7. Jazz club

Combine some of the above activities to create your perfect classy hen party. For more classy hen party ideas just make a search for classy on this website.

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