September 22, 2017

How To Plan A Memorable Hen Night

Some believe the best parties are the ones we don’t plan. We’ve all had that experience, but how can that level of fun be guaranteed to a hen party? Because let’s face it, a hen do is planned weeks, if not months in advance. The high expectations for the night being great fun is often too much. So you’ve got to plan this monster carefully so that it doesn’t turn from a dream into a nightmare!

Here’s the start of your check-list, you need to decide:

  • Duration – one day/night or weekend
  • Location – local city, different county, different country
  • Staying – home, hotel, holiday resort
  • Size – small group of close friends, large group (family, in-laws, work colleagues, school mates etc.)
  • Organiser – Do it yourself, or let your maid of honour do it, or let a group of friends organise it together, or hire professional party planners

Take into consideration the cost for individuals attending the celebration. While some of your friends might have no problem shelling out wads of cash for a hen weekend in Dublin, it could prove too much of a financial strain for others. Also, making sure you have booking money from all the guests in time can be difficult so keep this in mind when planning.

classy-hen-party-themesNext pick a theme. Will you go for hen night fancy dress, tacky themes? Popular are playboy bunnies, army girls, angles and devils and so on. Tacky themes can be a lot of fun so let your imagination go wild. If you opt for a classy hen night theme you can wear ball gowns, togas, cocktail dress, masked themes and so on.

So you see the options are endless for what to plan for your hen night. Now that you’re happy you’ll actually get everyone in one place, it’s time to ‘switch on the fun’ with hen party games. These games are guaranteed to quickly bound all your guests and get them chatting and laughing, so you don’t have to stress about the party being a failure because of over planning. Hen party games include, Truth or Dare, Clay Modelling Man Parts, Forfeit games and much more.

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