September 22, 2017

New Budget Hen Party Trends

Forget going abroad and spending a fortune on a hen weekend. Get creative at home and have as much fun.

Among the doom and gloom of the recession the attitude to hen parties has shifted somewhat. The emphasis for a hen party (or more commonly, a hen weekend) is more about keeping costs low but still doing something fun and memorable.

Gone are the days when one in three hen parties went abroad and spending in general is about a fifth of what it was in boom years. But thriftiness is not such a bad thing as hen party guests are less likely to desperately scramble for excuses to miss the event due to money concerns. With the new affordable hen weekend everyone can take part without fears of not being able to pay the rent the following week! 🙂

Hens Are Getting Crafty

And hens are getting a little more creative as a result. Many hen parties now enjoy art classes (with nude male models of course…). Craft workshops cover everything from cupcake decorating to crochet. If that’s all a little too exciting, you’ll be glad to know that many hens are also enjoying activities like go-karting and paintballing, traditionally reserved fir stag parties only.

You’ll also be releaved to hear that visits to night-clubs is still on the cards for many hen parties!

Share The Fun!

Whatever you choose, have a great time, take lots of photos and if you have a good story or idea, share it with the other readers of this site. Send your story using the little form on the contact page.




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