September 22, 2017

Okay, lets be smart, and save money. Skip the flights. Really, who needs to jet off to somewhere in Europe for a couple of nights and one day with a hangover that you have to travel with? It’s inconvenient, expensive and lets face it, unnecessary. After all there are lots of activities, fun destinations for the hen night in all main cities in the UK and Ireland. So skip the travel expenses.

Budget Hen Nights AT Home

If the thoughts of even travelling to the closest major city sounds too much for the stay at home hen, well not not just stay at home for your hen party? Lots of people do and it’s growing in popularity. So if you are considering a home hen party as an options you’ll be glad to know you’ll stretch your budget much further and there’s still buckets of fun to be had. So check out the following tips:

Hen Decorations

With a few inexpensive decorations and accessories you can turn your home into a hen night wonderland. You’ll need hen do balloons and ribbons, party poppers, flashing hen sashes, and themed ‘toys’ to give it the right feel for the party. Check out our hen party decorations.

Fun Activities

All that really matters is that you and your hens have a ball. You could hire an entertainment for the evening with the money you saved from having the party at home. A popular treat that will get the girls in the party mood is to have a couple of hunky (and naked) butlers to serve up some of what you like (cocktails) for the evening. This will get a smile on every ones lips and set the mood for the night!

Dares And Forfeits

Lets just say you can get a nice inflatable man in for the evening and play hen party games that include dares and forfeits. I’ll let you use your imagination for this one!

The Party Theme

This will help get the girls laughing and in the party mood. Choose a silly dress-up theme that everyone has to wear. This is a great ice-breaker for the guests who don’t know each other very well. Choose playboy bunny, cowgirls, angels and devils, police women, hookers, army and so on.

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