September 22, 2017

Who To Invite To The Hen Party

The Core Friends

This starts off with the core hens. That includes you (of course) and probably one or two others. These are the guests the hen just could not have a hen party without. If they were not going to be there it just wouldn’t be worth doing!

These hens will want to be there so make sure you give plenty of notice because if they can’t make it due to lack of planning they will be sorely missed (and it will always be your fault, yikes! Pressure!)

Extended Friends

Next there’s the extended network of friends. Girls the hen gets on well with or is related to. She might not see some of them from one end of the year to the next and their presence is not guaranteed. In many cases the core hens would prefer if they didn’t attend as they’re not part of the inner circle. Still, best to invite them with plenty of notice!

The “We Have To Invite Them” List

This section of the list can be a really party stopper and consists of friends of friends and future in-laws of the hen. These are people the core group of hens hardly know which can make it difficult for the party to flow. It’s also hard for the poor hen as she’ll be under pressure to be on her best behaviour all night.

Remember, they may not relish the thoughts of attending the hen party either (for the same reasons mentioned above), so have a little chat with the hen about this group. They may be happy with a separate night out in their neck of the woods!

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